27-28-29 April


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  • The event “unfold” is all about being aware of current affairs. Whereas, one must have to read the newspaper. Furthermore, this game is all about having fun and sharpening one’s mind which also improves vocabulary, writing skills, and many more.

Event Structure

  • This game consists of 3 rounds in which the participants will have to go through some tasks where they have to answer the questions on current affairs and the participants who have answered correctly will be qualified.
  • ROUND 1:
  • In this round participants have to answer the given questions (MCQs) and submit answers.
  • ROUND 2:
  • The participants will be given an annotated report which in terms of journalism means “badly written”. It may contain wrong grammar, commas, incorrect spellings, and many other mistakes.
  • The participants will have to edit the report and type it correctly within prescribed time limits. Also, the participants need to give the report an appropriate title.
  • ROUND 3:
  • Section A:
  • The participants will have to write a report on a given topic which will be given on the spot.
  • This report has a word limit of 100.
  • A normal newspaper report format can be used.
  • Section B: (fastest finger first)
  • The participants will have to go through the fastest finger first where they will have to manage time and answer the questions quickly.


  • Participants have to remain present at the time of the event.
  • Participants must answer the question within the given time limit.
  • If participants are found doing discussions or cheating, they will be disqualified.
  • The participation fee for a team of 2 participants is Rs 100.
  • Winners will be rewarded with attractive prizes.
  • Participation certificates will be given to every participant.
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