Meme War

27-28-29 April


Nitin : +91 83205 98322


  • This is a 3 round competition testing various abilities that a memer needs. The competition is all about the creativity and humor of a participant, so use every last brain cell of yours to make people laugh.

Event Structure

  • Round 1:
  • The first round is the quiz to test your knowledge about memes. Further instructions will be given on the day of the event.
  • Round 2:
  • In the Second Round, You'll be given a limited number of meme templates to create memes. Let's see how you manage to make the best out of the limited resources.
  • Round 3:
  • This is the Final Round which will give us our Meme Lord. Let's create memes on the spot and counter other participants with those memes.


  • The rules and structure of the game will be explained to the participants at the time of the event.
  • The participation fee for individual participation is Rs 60.
  • Winners will be rewarded with attractive prizes.
Download RuleBook

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