Cat A Pult

27-28-29 April


Nitin : +91 83205 98322


  • Cat-A-Pult is an event in which you have to create a mechanism that transforms one form of energy into another. The stored energy comes from building mechanisms that would use tension, torque, and gravity. You have to create a projectile motion of an object. Problem statements will be provided at the start of the event. Materials will be provided to you on the very day of the event.

Event Structure

  • ROUND 1:
  • You will have to make a specific mechanism/prototype of your own from the given problem statement.
  • Along with this, your prototype should also be able to perform certain tasks.
  • ROUND 2:
  • Here certain tasks will be provided to you, which have to be performed by your prototype.


  • The materials will be provided to the participants which are needed for the development of the mechanism.
  • Participants will have to use the same mechanism for the whole tournament. One cannot use different machines for different rounds.
  • The teams must report at the time allocated to them.
  • If there is any damage/loss to the tools or instruments provided then the team in possession would be liable to pay for the damage
  • Violation of any rule will be followed by instant disqualification.
  • Maximum dimensions will be revealed at the time of the event.
  • Judgment will be done based on accuracy, finishing, and time taken.
  • Use of the internet for help is strictly prohibited for this event.
  • The participation fee for a team of 3 participants Rs 180.
  • Winners will be rewarded with attractive prizes.
  • Participation certificates will be given to every participant.

Material Required

  • Sturdy wooden sticks (ice cream sticks can work)
  • Cello tape
  • Fevicol (any type of gum)
  • Plastic straws of various diameters
  • Sturdy rubber bands
  • Plastic cup (to use as a holder)
  • Small sponge/eraser/crazy ball (to use as an object to throw)
  • Bowls or Bucket for catching the object
  • Rubber bands
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