Circuit Mania

27-28-29 April


Nitin : +91 83205 98322


  • Circuit Mania is the implementation of electronic circuits on a breadboard. Participants are required to complete a given circuit in the least time. Problems based on digital networks and circuits will be provided to participants, they have to submit them within a time limit

Event Structure

  • ROUND 1:
  • A crossword of electronic questions will be provided and each answer will have specific points
  • The total score will be evaluated after the provided time limit is over
  • ROUND 2:
  • Participants will be given circuit/equations to solve in a given time limit. The teams will be selected based on the time limit in which they have completed the task given to them.
  • ROUND 3:
  • All teams will be provided a single task to win the event and all the teams will have to implement that task on the breadboard.
  • The team that completes the task faster/takes the least amount of time will be declared as the winner


  • Teams have to bring breadboard and other components(like multimeter,etc) along with them.
  • n case of any disputes, management's decision will be final.
  • Participants have to report at the venue 10 minutes before the event starts.
  • Organizers will have the authority to change the rules under certain conditions
  • The participation fee for a team of 2-3 participants is Rs 120.
  • Winners will be rewarded with attractive prizes.
  • Participation certificates will be given to every participant.
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