Debug IT

27-28-29 April


Nitin : +91 83205 98322


  • The 'IT QUIZ' is a quiz competition, which is based on IT-related question.
  • It is an event which tests your knowledge along with your speed.

Event Structure

  • There will be 5-6 problem statements.
  • The first 3 problems will be of easy level.
  • While basic knowledge of DSA (Data structure and algorithm) concepts will be required for the last 2 to 3 problems. The problems will be identical for both languages. (We'll be providing 2 templates with every problem, one for each language.
  • Languages: C++, Python.
  • Platform: CodeChef.
  • Topics: Patterns, Observation, Data Structures, Recursion and Searching.
  • The participation fee for individual participation is Rs 60.
  • Winners will be rewarded with attractive prizes.
  • Participation certificates will be given to every participant.
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