About us

Lakshya is a National level Edu-Tech festival of L.D. College of Engineering which is organized by ROBOCON LDCE every year since 2014. Every year a theme is decided and the main event is organized in accordance with the theme.

This year the Theme of our fest Lakshya 2023 is “Envision” - Discovering New Horizons.

This year we bring you Lakshya’23 where we aim of installing the young minds with the idea of visualising beyond the horizon unfurling the wired mentalism accord of synergy amidst Humans and robots in the forthcoming future, an era ushering with infinite discoveries, transfiguring the seeds of paradoxical ideas into blossoming possible solutions, exploring the manipulation of cubits to the creation of neuromorphic chips and humanoidal robots, procuring inconceivable communication through the combinations of cubits, photons and optical fibre communication foraying into a new realm of automation! Establishing a world of robotic automation, a quantum-level portal connecting the entire planet, paving the way for transparency and traceability, raising productivity in every industry contributing to global economic growth, and thriving with new job prospects. A world that demands the for-seeing needs of the future and replacing it with a world thriving with Automation and infiniteness.

The future of automation beholds a lot of potential for the propensity of human-robot collaboration yet to be discovered by human-kind.


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